Terms and Conditions

Carlton Dry Slice or Paradise 2023 Promotion


CUB Pty Ltd (ABN 76 004 056 106), 58 Queens Bridge Street, Southbank VIC 3006.


12.01am (AEST) on 10/07/2023 to 11.59pm (AEST) 25/09/2023.

Who can enter?

Only Australian residents who are aged 18 or over.

Who can't enter?


Directors, officers, management and employees (and their immediate families) of:

  1. the Promoter; and
  2. the agencies, companies or participating premises associated with this competition.

Where will the competition run?

The competition will run in participating Dan Murphy’s and BWS liquor outlets (including online and at www.jimmybrings.com.au) which are stocking specially marked products (Outlets) in Australia.



Qualifying Purchase

Specially marked cartons of 24 (4x6) 330ml bottles or 375ml cans of Carlton Dry (subject to stocks remaining).

Entry instructions

To enter, you must:

  1. make a Qualifying Purchase from an Outlet;
  2. locate the unique code on the inside of the Qualifying Purchase carton; and
  3. then during the Competition Period, scan the QR code with your smart phone on the Qualifying Purchase product packaging OR visit the Website, locate the entry page and fill out and submit the online entry form including by providing the unique code and all other requested information to instantly win a gift, then, either:
    1. tap the left arrow to claim and accept your gift; or
    2. tap the right arrow to forfeit your gift and be entered into the major prize draw .

There will be a total of up to 360,000 specially marked Carlton Dry cartons available.

Each carton will include 1 unique code.

The Promoter is not responsible if your mobile device/desktop is not sufficiently capable for the purpose of submitting an entry, including having the requisite photograph capability.

How are gifts awarded?


There are up to 360,000 gifts available to be awarded.

Every entrant who makes a Qualifying Purchase is entitled to a gift (subject to entry limits), but may choose to forfeit their gift for the chance to win a major prize. 

You will get a return inline message acknowledging your entry and if you claim a gift the message will have instructions on how to claim your gift.

How many major prize winners will there be and how will they be chosen?

There will be 3 major prize winners drawn in respect of this competition.

The draw will be held at 12pm (AEDT) on 09/10/2023 at Pilgrim Communications, 23 Norton Street, Suite 51A, Leichhardt, NSW 2040 (Pilgrim).

The first three valid entries drawn randomly from the entries received during the Competition Period will each win the major prize.

The Promoter may draw additional reserve entries in a draw and record them in order, in case a winning entry/entrant is deemed invalid or a prize is unclaimed (Reserve Entrants).

What can I win/receive?

There are 360,000 gifts available and 3 major prizes.


Each gift is a Uber Eats Voucher valued at $15. 

Limited Availability. No cash value. One-time use only. .Any ancillary costs associated with redeeming an Uber Voucher are not included. Any unused balance of an Uber Voucher will not be awarded as cash or credits. Redemption of an Uber Voucher is subject to any terms and conditions of the issuer. A maximum amount of $15 applies to the redemption of each Uber Voucher. To redeem an Uber Voucher, the Uber Voucher code must be applied to the Wallet section of the Uber App or Uber Eats App (as applicable) prior to requesting a service. If you are eligible to receive multiple Uber Vouchers, your first voucher must be used before the second voucher can be loaded to your Uber account; and so forth. Uber Voucher(s) are valid from the issue date and expire 14 days from date of issue. Vouchers are not transferable / exchangeable / redeemable for cash. Taxes, fees, and tips will be covered provided that the value of the Uber Voucher is greater than the total order amount. Vouchers are only redeemable for orders placed via the Uber or Uber Eats app within Australian cities where Uber Eats is available (as applicable). Once redeemed, the value of an Uber Voucher is not transferable to any other Uber or Uber Eats accounts. Cannot be combined with another Uber Voucher. Neither Uber Pacific Pty Ltd (or its affiliates) nor the Promoter are liable if a voucher or any portion of it is not used by the expiry date. Issues involving redemption and/or use of the Uber Voucher code should be directed to the Promoter.


If your postcode is deemed to be outside an Uber service area, you will instead receive a $15 Vault Pays-enabled Prepaid Mastercard®.  This Promotion is in no way sponsored or administered by Uber Technologies, Inc. or any of their respective parents, affiliates and subsidiaries.


Any ancillary costs associated with redeeming the digital Vault Pays-enabled Prepaid Mastercard are not included. The digital Vault Pays-enabled Prepaid Mastercard must be activated within 2 months of issue and is valid for 12 months after activation.  At expiry of the digital Vault Pays-enabled Prepaid Mastercard any unused balance will be forfeited and you will not be given notice prior to expiry. Card expiry and balance can be found on your mobile device in your digital wallet.  The digital Vault Pays-enabled Prepaid Mastercard are issued by EML Payment Solutions Limited (ABN 30 131 436 532) AFSL 404131 pursuant to license by Mastercard.  See www.vaultps.com.au/terms for terms and conditions. Mastercard and the circles design are registered trademarks of Mastercard International Incorporated.

Upon verification, the gift will be sent to the entrant by SMS (to the mobile phone number specified on the entrant's entry form). Entrants then need to activate the card using the Vault app – activation code will be provided in SMS.  Once activated, the card can be added to the entrant's phone’s digital wallet (e.g. Apple Pay, Google Pay or Samsung Pay) and can be used for purchasing goods and services where the card is accepted for electronic transactions (excluding transactions at ATMs or over the counter at financial institutions).  The card cannot be used as a credit card and cannot be linked to any deposit account.

Gifts will be sent to the entrant's nominated email address as specified in their online entry form. It is an entrant's responsibility to ensure that they enter their email address correctly. If they fail to enter their email address correctly, the gift will be forfeited.


Major prizes

Each major prize is a trip for the winner and 1 adult companion to their choice of destination (destination to be decided and agreed between the winner and the Promoter) valued at up to a maximum of $10,000, depending on the winner’s point of departure. 

See "Travel prize" section below for further prize details.

Travel prize

If you win a travel prize, your prize will be a trip for you and 1 adult companion to your choice of destination (which is to be decided and agreed between the winner and the Promoter) up to the allocated $10,000 amount which includes:

  1. return economy airfares (including airfare taxes) from your nearest Australian capital city to the destination city of your choice and return private car transfers between the destination airport and the accommodation for you and your companion;
  2. at least 4 nights' accommodation (twin/double share) in a minimum 4 star hotel (as determined by the Promoter) including breakfast for you and your companion;
  3. one premium dining experience (as determined by the Promoter) in the destination city for you and your companion;
  4. AUD$500 spending money for you only (transferred to your nominated AU bank account); an
  5. comprehensive travel insurance for the you and your companion (subject to all travellers having no pre-existing medical conditions and being under 59 years of age as required by travel insurer's policy terms).

The travel prize is subject to a pandemic, any travel/government restrictions/directives, border closures, health advice and the like.

By accepting or participating in any prize, your companion accepts these Terms and Conditions. 

The prize must be taken within 12 months of winner determination.

Total prize pool

The gift pool is up to $5,400,000 which is estimated based on every entrant claiming and accepting a gift.

The total major prize pool is up to $30,000.

The overall total prize/gift pool is up to $5,430,000.

How many times can I enter?

You can enter up to 5 times during the Competition Period, provided you only enter once per Qualifying Purchase and per unique code.  Each entry must be submitted separately in accordance with these Terms and Conditions.

For the avoidance of doubt, each unique code is equal to one entry.

How and when will the winner/s be informed?

The major prize winners will be notified by phone and by email within 2 business days of determination and will also have their name and state/territory/postcode of residence published on the Website on 16/10/2023 for a period of 28 days.

All gift recipients will be notified immediately on-screen at the time of entering and will also receive an email with a link to their gift.

Proof of purchase

You must keep the following as proof of purchase for all entries:

  • unique code/s; and
  • original purchase receipt/s.

If you don't produce the above proof of purchase for all entries when asked the Promoter may disqualify all of your entries and you will lose any right to a prize. 

Proof of purchase must be identical to that provided by you with your entry

Your purchase receipt must clearly identify where the Qualifying Purchase was made, the product/s purchased (which must be/comprise a Qualifying Purchase) and the date of purchase (which must be during the Competition Period before you submitted your entry).

If, in the Promoter's opinion, you have shared any proof of purchase with another person, your entries will be invalid and you will lose any right to a prize/gift.

Unclaimed prize/s


There will be no unclaimed gifts.  Gifts will be automatically awarded to entrants via email to the email address provided with their entry (subject to any verification required by the Promoter, in its absolute discretion). It is your responsibility to ensure that you enter your email address correctly. If you fail to enter your email address correctly, the gift will not be able to be awarded.  For the avoidance of doubt, any Uber Eats Voucher codes that are not redeemed/activated within 14 days of issue will expire and prize will be considered forfeited.

Major prize claim date: 5pm (AEDT) on 09/11/2023. 

Major prize unclaimed prize determination: 12pm (AEDT) on 10/11/2023 at Pilgrim.

If a major prize has not been accepted or claimed by the prize claim date above or if, after making all reasonable attempts, the Promoter can't contact a major prize winner (or a major prize winner does not contact the Promoter) by the prize claim date above, the relevant entry/ies will be discarded and the Promoter will carry out an unclaimed prize draw at the date, time and place stated above to randomly distribute the prize/s. Any winners will be informed by phone and in writing by email within two business days of determination and will also have their name and state/territory of residence published on the Website on 17/11/2023 for a period of 28 days.

If any prize remains un-won at the end of this competition, or if a prize winner cannot be found, that information will be published on the Website on 15/12/2023.

Collection and
use of your personal information


If you are a winner, you and your companion (if applicable) must take part in all publicity, photography and other promotional activity as the Promoter requires, without any compensation.  You/your companion consent to the Promoter using your names and images in any promotional or advertising activity.

The Promoter may collect your/your companion's personal information directly or through its agents or contractors including Endeavour Group Limited (ABN 77 159 767 843) (Endeavour Group).  The Promoter will use your/your companion's personal information to conduct and manage the competition. The Promoter may disclose your/your companion's personal information to its related companies, agents and contractors including Endeavour Group to assist in conducting this competition, communicating with you/your companion or storing data. This may include disclosures to organisations outside Australia including in places such as the Philippines, New Zealand, the UK and the Netherlands. 

The Promoter’s Privacy Policy (see www.asahi.com.au/privacy) includes information about:

  1. how to seek access to the personal information the Promoter holds about you and seek correction of the information; and
  2. how to complain about a privacy breach and how the Promoter will deal with such a complaint.

If you have marked the “opt-in” box on the entry form relating to Endeavour Group collecting your personal information, you consent to the storage of your personal information on the Endeavour Group database and Endeavour Group may use this information for future promotional and marketing purposes regarding their products and services including contacting you via electronic messaging.

The Endeavour Group Privacy Policy can be found at https://www.danmurphys.com.au/help/help-centre/articles/360000043536-Privacy-Policy (Dan Murphy's) and www.bws.com.au/help/privacy-policy (BWS).

The Endeavour Group Collection Statement can be found here for Dan Murphy's www.danmurphys.com.au/help/help-centre/articles/360000505355-My-Dan-Murphy-s-Collection-Statement and here for BWS www.bws.com.au/help/collection-statement.

Responsible drinking

Enjoy alcohol responsibly.  Consider the safe drinking levels recommended in the National Health and Medical Research Council Australian Guidelines to Reduce Health Risks from Drinking Alcohol – see: www.nhmrc.gov.au/about-us/publications/australian-guidelines-reduce-health-risks-drinking-alcohol. See also the NSW Liquor Competition Guidelines and Intoxication Guidelines at www.liquorandgaming.nsw.gov.au/documents/gl/gl4001-liquor-promotion-guidelines.pdf

Where relevant, your participation in this competition may be subject to the liquor serving policy of businesses conducting the competition.

Permit numbers

Authorised under:

ACT Permit No. TP23/00481

SA Licence No. T23/360

NSW Authority No. TP/00044


  1. These Terms and Conditions incorporate and must be read together with the details outlined in the table above.  Information about prizes and how to enter forms part of these Terms and Conditions.  By entering, you accept these Terms and Conditions. 


  2. Your entry must be received during the Competition Period and will be deemed to be received only when received by the Promoter. If you return a Qualifying Purchase your entry may be deemed invalid at the Promoter's discretion (unless the product is defective). You will receive a return message immediately confirming your entry.  The Promoter is not liable for any problems with communications networks or spam filters.  You are responsible for your own costs associated with entering. If you enter using automatically generated entries or multiple phone numbers/email addresses/addresses/aliases, you may be disqualified. 


  3. Prizes and all elements of prizes must be taken as specified, as and when offered and cannot be altered or changed in any way by you or will be forfeited, and if forfeited, the Promoter will not be liable.  If you forfeit the prize or any element of the prize for whatever reason, you will not be given cash or any alternative prize as a substitute. Prize/s are subject to any additional terms and conditions imposed by the relevant supplier or the Promoter, including, as relevant:
    1. validity period/s;
    2. booking and availability of flights, accommodation and events;
    3. conditions of travel and conditions of entry into any event venues (including behaviour requirements, COVID safety requirements and applicable dress codes);
    4. conditions of ticket validity and any restrictions on ticket on-sale or transfer;
    5. travel dates and specified travel exclusion periods;
    6. any additional fees (payable by you) relating to changes made by you/your companion to a travel/event prize after it has been booked;
    7. the requirement to obtain all necessary documents to travel to any overseas location specified, including a current and valid passport and any visas required; and
    8. a requirement to present your credit card when checking in to accommodation.
  4. You/your companion are responsible for all other unspecified costs related to a prize, including meals, transport, insurance (including excesses), in-room charges, additional taxes, costs associated with ongoing use of a prize, etc.
  5. Once a major prize has been claimed, the winner and their companion will be required to complete a further prize booking form including liability and publicity waiver within 1 month of the date that they successfully claimed the prize and were verified as the valid winner.
  6. The major prize winner and their companion must finalise the prize booking within 2 months of the date that they successfully claimed the prize and were verified as the valid winner and all travel must be completed within 12 months of the prize draw. Travel must be booked at least 60 days prior to intended travel departure.
  7. The major prize is a single event holiday and cannot be separated into different holiday vacations.  Availability cannot be guaranteed during Christmas, School holiday and special event periods.
  8. The major prize winner and their companion must meet all travel requirements and conditions of entry for all third-party suppliers (i.e Hotels, Airlines, Restaurants, Events, Activity suppliers etc). All passengers must travel together on the same flights and stay at the same property.
  9. No compensation or alternative travel plans will be arranged should the major prize winner and/ or their companion miss their outbound or return flights or fail to meet any check in requirements for any reason. These costs will be the responsibility and expense of the major prize winner and their companion.
  10. The winner must provide their AU bank account details (or account name and postal address for cheque) in order for the spending money portion of the prize to be awarded.
  11. Once booking is confirmed no changes are allowed, unless otherwise authorised by the Promoter in its absolute discretion and if permitted will incur a fee of $150 per person including GST plus supplier charges which is payable by the winner.
  12. Where the major prize is cancelled due to unforeseen travel restrictions relating to COVID-19 (as determined by the applicable Local or Federal Government), the Prizing Agency will use its best endeavours to reschedule to an alternative date (one revision only). The major prize winner acknowledges that, in this instance, some elements of the trip may be non-refundable and therefore that element of the prize will be forfeited when re-booking.  Any further date changes as a result of Government determined COVID restrictions will be determined by the Promoter’s in its absolute discretion.
  13. Travel suppliers/airlines to be chosen at the discretion of Mavel Group (the Prizing Agency).
  14. Travel itinerary will be determined by the Promoter in its absolute discretion.
  15. Should the major prize winner wish to extend their trip, permission must be sought from the Promoter who will decide in its absolute discretion. In the event the Promoter agrees for the major prize winner to extend, all additional expenses to extend will be at the winner’s own expense, including any additional cost to extend their travel insurance policy by additional days, to ensure continuity of cover for the full duration of the trip.
  16. In the event that an element of the major prize is cancelled or postponed for any reason, the winner forfeits the specified element and no cash alternative offer will be granted in lieu of the part of the prize.
  17. The winner and their companion agree that they will not sell or otherwise provide their story and/or photographs to any media or other organisation apart from the Promoter or the Prizing Agency.
  18. If the major prize winner opts for a car hire in lieu of private transfers, the winner must meet all the rental conditions for car hire as prescribed by the car rental company, for example (including but not limited to) minimum driver age must be 21 years or older and maximum driver age is 85 years of age and the nominated driver must have held a full licence for at least 1 year, etc. If the major prize winner doesn’t meet the criteria (eg. suspended licence) they must nominate a companion who meets the car rental company’s requirements and the guest must be the nominated driver on the rental agreement.
  19. If travelling internationally, it is the sole responsibility of the major prizes winner to ensure their entry and the entry of their companion into the destination country, at their own expense, including ensuring all necessary passports, visas, travel authorisations, medical advice and recommended vaccinations and immunisations have been obtained prior to travel and, if required, on or by a date nominated by the Promoter. Failure to do so may result in a prize being forfeited.
  20. The Promoter makes no representation as to the safety of the destination and it is the responsibility of the winner and their companion (if any) to check the travel advice issued by the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade at www.smartraveller.gov.au and assess the safety of the destination country prior to travel.
  21. If the major prize winner wishes to travel to an international destination, they must select from one of the following destinations: Thailand, New Zealand, Vietnam, Japan, Bali, Singapore, Malaysia or Fiji. Should they wish to travel to a destination not listed in this clause, they must seek Promoter approval and if approved by the Promoter, cover all additional costs over and above the value of the Prize, pertaining to travel to their selected destination.
  22. The Promoter is not responsible for any dispute between you and any person with whom you choose to, or choose not to, share a prize.
  23. If you win a major prize, the Promoter accepts no responsibility if one or more of the events or activities awarded as part of a prize are abandoned, called off or postponed for any reason.  In that case you/your companion forfeit your entitlement to that event/activity. 


  24. Any failure by you or your companion to comply with the conditions imposed by the prize supplier(s) may result in the prize being cancelled or withdrawn without liability for the Promoter or the prize supplier(s).
  25. You/your companion must, if required by the Promoter, sign disclaimer and release forms provided by the Promoter in favour of the Promoter and other parties before taking the prize.  If you or your companion do not sign, your entry will be deemed invalid and you will lose any entitlement to a prize.
  26. If you or your entry are deemed by the Promoter to breach these Terms and Conditions including if the prize is on set dates and you are unable to take the prize on the relevant date/s, your entry (or at the Promoter's discretion, all of your entries) may be discarded.  The Promoter may, at any time, require you to produce documentation to establish to the Promoter's satisfaction the validity of your entries and/or verifying your identity (including documentation establishing your identity, age, place of residence and place of employment).  Failure by the Promoter to enforce any of its rights at any stage does not waive those rights.
  27. You must not:
    1. tamper with the entry process (including but not limited to manipulating the system via bots, script use, or any other means to circumvent the entry process);
    2. engage in any conduct that may jeopardise the fair and proper conduct of the competition;
    3. act in a disruptive, annoying, threatening, abusive or harassing manner;
    4. do anything that may diminish the good name or reputation of the Promoter or any of its related entities or of the agencies or companies associated with this competition;
    5. breach any law; or
    6. behave in a way that is otherwise inappropriate. 
  28. If you win a major prize, you are responsible for your companion and the Promoter may disqualify all entries from, and prohibit further participation in this competition by, you or your companion if they breach these conditions, whether or not legally bound by them.
  29. If you (or your companion, if applicable), in the opinion of the Promoter (and/or a medical professional, as relevant to the circumstances), are intoxicated, under the influence of alcohol or any other drug, behave aggressively or offensively, or behave in a manner which may diminish the good name or reputation of the Promoter or any of its related entities or the agencies or companies associated with this competition, is contrary to law or is otherwise inappropriate, the Promoter may cancel the prize or restrict you (and your companion) from participating in any elements of the prize, at its discretion.
  30. The Promoter is not liable for entries, prize/gift claims or correspondence that are misplaced, misdirected, delayed, lost, incomplete, illegible or incorrectly submitted.
  31. If any dispute arises between you and the Promoter concerning the conduct of this competition or claiming a prize/gift, the Promoter will take reasonable steps to consider your point of view, taking into account any facts or evidence you put forward, and to respond to it fairly within a reasonable time.  In all other respects, the Promoter’s decision in connection with all aspects of this competition is final.
  32. Prizes and gifts cannot be transferred or exchanged nor (except where cash is specified) redeemed for cash.  Without limiting any other term of these Terms and Conditions, all prizes (and elements of prizes) must be taken as and when specified, or will be forfeited with no replacement.  The prize and gift values are correct as at the date of preparing these Terms and Conditions and include any applicable GST.  The Promoter is not responsible for any change in prize/gift value.  You agree that if a prize or gift (or element of a prize/gift) is unavailable for any reason the Promoter may provide another item of equal or higher value, subject to any necessary approval by the state/territory gaming authorities.
  33. By entering, you request that your full address not be published.
  34. If this competition cannot run as planned for any reason beyond the Promoter's control, for example due to software, hardware or communications issues, unauthorised intervention, tampering, fraud or technical failure, government directives, a pandemic, public health orders and the like, the Promoter may end, change, suspend or cancel the competition or disqualify affected entries/entrants, subject to any necessary approval by the state/territory gaming authorities.
  35. The Promoter is not responsible for any tax implications arising from you winning a prize or receiving a gift.  You should seek independent financial advice.  If for GST purposes this competition results in any supply being made for non-monetary consideration, you must follow the Australian Taxation Office’s stated view that where the parties are at arm’s length, goods and services exchanged are of equal GST inclusive market values.


  36. Nothing in these Terms and Conditions restricts, excludes or modifies any consumer rights under any statute including the Competition and Consumer Act 2010 (Cth).
  37. Subject to the previous paragraph, the Promoter and the agencies and companies associated with this competition are not liable (including in negligence) for any loss (including indirect, special or consequential loss or loss of profits), expense, damage, personal injury (including allergies, skin conditions or other reactions, as relevant), illness or death suffered in connection with this competition or any prize/gift, except for any liability which under statute cannot be excluded (in which case that liability is limited to the greatest extent allowed by law).   
  38. Without limiting the previous paragraph, the Promoter and the agencies and companies associated with this competition are not liable for any loss of, damage to or delay in delivery of prizes/gifts, or for any damage that occurs to displayed prize/s (where relevant).  Unless otherwise specified, prize/s and gifts will only be delivered to addresses/phone numbers in Australia.
  39. This competition is in no way sponsored, endorsed or administered by, or associated with any social media platform, including Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.  You provide your information to the Promoter and not to any social media platform.  You completely release any relevant social media platforms from any and all liability.